Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You Gotta Try This! Skit

table, chairs, food, plates, milk, glasses

4-5 family members

A family is sitting around the table getting ready to eat. A kid comes running in and hits his toe on the table. "Oh, this hurts so much! I’ve never stubbed my toe this hard, I think its broke." He carries on and says, "You gotta try this and see what I mean! It hurts!" They all get up and try it.

Another family member takes a bite of dinner and burns their mouth. They spit it out screaming how hot it is and carrying on and says, "You all got to try this!" They all do, screaming and burning.

Another takes a swig of some lumpy old sour milk carrying on how disgusting it is saying, "You got to try some of this!" They do and behave similarly.

Scene ends when someone comes in saying "Oh man, I just got hit by a bus, every one of my ribs are broken and I have internal bleeding! You gotta try this!" They all run out and scream with screeching tires.

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