Sunday, January 31, 2010

Olympic Nose Blowing Skit

gymnastics uniform, hand chalk

announcer, commentator, competitor, (judges)

This idea is to mock Olympic announcing. You must have funny hosts. Have a Bryant Gumball host and a Mary Lou Retna commentator to go along with him. They talk about Olympic nose blowing and comment on your first contestant (in a gymnastics uniform, loosening up, chalking the hands).

You can talk about how she blew out a nostril on her last blow and really shouldn't be competing but the team may need this to win the gold. Great comments like, "Would you look at the nostrils on her, Mary. I bet kissing her is like double dating a two car garage." "It’s snot really possible to get a perfect 10 here."

You may want to bring in judges. She picks up hankie, hobbles on one leg, gets a score, wins, whatever. Announcers can toss to end skit, "and to Bruce Jenner and company for a look at the indoor javelin catching competition."

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