Monday, July 5, 2010

Elevated Gum Skit

Sun glasses, briefcase, T-shirt, gum, letter jacket

straight man, greaser, jock

Straight man enters chewing gum, carrying briefcase. Walks up to elevator, pushes button, goes in. Chews gum like it’s losing its flavor, decides to stick it to the wall... door opens... he leaves.
Greaser enters, pushes button, enters elevator. He leans on the wall and his hand sticks to the gum. He pulls his hand off the wall (which is hard to do). Greaser looks at the gum, stretches it out some, picks his nose, gets grease off his hair, sneezes, cleans his ears (all this gets on the gum). He chews it a while, door opens he throws the gum on the back of the elevator and then he leaves.

Jock enters, dumb, spacey, letter jacket on (typical jock). He enters the elevator, leans on the wall (back wall) and the gum gets stuck:
  1. Head and elevator
  2. Hand and head
  3. Both hands
  4. Foot and both hands
  5. Both feet and both hands
  6. Hands
  7. Knees
  8. Hand to face
The jock finally gets free, sticks the gum on the elevator wall where it originally was. Straight man enters, sees the gum, and decides to chew it again and then leaves.

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