Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mona Lisa Skit

long black wig, black robe, black shawl, picture frame out of old boards, water pistol, banana, cream pie

Mona Lisa, singer

Have someone memorize the words to the old Nat King Cole favorite "Mona Lisa." Then dress someone up as the Mona Lisa herself in a long, black wig, black robe and black shawl. Build a picture frame out of some old boards and have the "Mona" sit behind it. Drape the bottom of the picture frame to the floor so that the audience cannot see the Mona Lisa’s feet.

He is going to sing a very serious song for them. As the song begins, the curtain opens to reveal the Mona Lisa. The singer turns to see the Mona Lisa and begins to sing to the picture. During the song, however, the Mona Lisa comes out of character; she picks her nose, sneezes, cleans out her ear, shoots water pistols at the singer, blows a kiss to the singer, eats a banana, and does any other things that you might think of. All of this should be done every time the singer turns away from the Mona Lisa to face the audience. The skit ends with the singer getting a whipped cream pie in the face, at which point the singer jumps through the picture frame and chases the Mona Lisa.

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