Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fake Statue In The Park Skit

bench, lunch, bucket, mop, feather duster

statue, 2 lunch guys/girls, couple, gardener

One person poses as a statue with a park bench or seat in front of him. Two people come along to eat lunch — the statue takes some of their lunch whenever it is left on the seat. The eaters look more and more suspiciously at each other until they finally leave in disgust.

A couple then approaches and sits down at one end of the seat. They are in the early stages of courtship and sit rather shyly next to each other, with no physical contact. After a while, the statue puts an arm around the girl, who reacts sharply, slapping the face of the boy and leaving in disgust.

Then comes one of the gardeners with a bucket, mop and feather duster. He first of all cleans the seat, then looks up at the statue. He dusts the statue with the feather duster, while the person posing tries not to move, sneeze, laugh. He is about to put the mop into the bucket when there is a voice calling him offstage. He looks at his watch, yells out "I’m coming," picks up the bucket and throws the contents over the statue.

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