Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Lie Detector Skit

vase, table, coin with a string tied to it (a coin with a hole in it works best), curtain

boy, girl

This play should be re-worked so the dialogue fits the school situation, but the basic idea will remain the same. The string should be invisible to the audience, probably a heavier thread, and a man with the other end of the string. A large vase that can be broken is on a table. The boy sits holding the coin which has a thread long enough so it can be passed from the boy to the girl, and put in the vase.

Boy: I don’t see anything unusual about this coin, yet my friend who gave it to me insisted that it has magic powers. He said that when it is placed in a vase it serves as a lie detector, and that the bigger the lie the more agitated the coin becomes, and if an unusually big lie was told, it might even explode and break the jar. Well, I’m going to drop it in this old vase, and see what happens.
Girl: (entering) Oh, I beg your pardon. I didn’t know that there was a boy in here. (The coin begins to jump up and down in the jar as the man behind the curtain pulls the thread).
Boy: Oh, that’s right. I’ve just returned from Arabia and know only a few people here. I’m glad to have the opportunity to meeting you. Are you going with anyone?
Girl: Oh, mercy no. (The coin jumps up and down). Being a student I have always been so busy with my studies and travels that I have never had time to think about boys. (The coin starts jumping up and down vigorously).
Boy: I’ve always been the same way about girls. (The coin jumps)
Girl: Haven’t you ever been in love?
Boy: No, not until this minute (coin jumps). I suspect that you have had many boyfriends you never even knew about…secret admirers.
Girl: No, I’m sure not. I’ve always been too shy.
Boy: You have been lying to me.
Girl: What do you mean?
Boy: In that vase on the table I have place a magic coin that a friend gave me. He picked it up in Mesopotamia and gave it to me when we were on the same boat coming back form the East. He told me that it would become agitated and jump up and down when anyone told a lie. I didn’t believe it, but I placed it in the vase just before you came in, and each time you told a lie it has jumped up and down in the vase. (The boy takes coin form the vase, shows it to her, and puts it back in).
Girl: I don’t believe that this is a magic coin. I would not lie to a tall, dark, handsome boy like you. (The coin becomes very agitated, and girl looks surprised).
Boy: This coin is truly a lie detector. You should be very ashamed of yourself telling lies about not going with anyone and never being in love. Why, I have never told a lie in my life!
At this point the boy behind the curtain upsets the table so that the vase is smashed!

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