Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whistler Precision Drill Team Skit

Mitch Miller album, shirts, ties, jackets, pants, gloves, paper, cardboard, cloth, paint

Any number of guys

From the Mitch Miller album get the cut of his choir whistling theme song to "Bridge Over the River Kwai" or "Colonel Bogey March." Stuff the arms of the jacket with paper and attach the gloves to the end of the arms. For each guy a hat must be prepared. These are made out of cloth and heavy cardboard. The brim must be about three feet in diameter. The hole in the center must be large enough for it to slip over a guy’s shoulders. The bowl of the hat is made of some cheap cloth but must be large enough so that a guy can hold his arms over his head and yet have the brim of the hat come to just below his shoulders. Paint a face on the naked chest and stomach of each guy with the belly button as the mouth. Arrange the shirt, tie and jacket around the hips and fasten with pins.

The over-all effect is of some very short guys with very big heads. They then march around the stage like a precision drill team to one of the above tunes, acting as if they are doing the whistling by sucking in their stomachs in and out.

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