Monday, August 2, 2010

The Candy Store Skit

beard, cane, jar of jellybeans, ladder, shelf

4 guys, old man

Four guys enter the "candy store," that is run by an old man (bent over, shaky voice, beard and cane).

The first person asks for a dimes worth of jelly beans. The old man notices that the jelly beans are on the top shelf and tries to talk him out of it, but the person insists. So the old man gets a ladder and with much pain climbs to the top, gets the jelly beans and comes down the ladder. He puts the ladder away.

The second person does the same thing and asks for a dimes worth of jelly beans. Again the old man goes through the same bit and gets the jelly beans. After he does, the third person also asks for a dimes worth of jelly beans and the very annoyed and tired old man climbs up his ladder again getting the jelly beans.

This time while he is up there, he asks the last person, "I suppose you want a dimes worth of jelly beans too?" The last person says, "No."

The old man comes down, and puts away the ladder. "Now, what do you want, "he asks. The person answers, "I want a nickels worth of jelly beans." The old man chases him out of the store with his cane, shouting.

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