Monday, August 30, 2010

Pizza Man Skit

pizza delivery uniform, pizza

pizza guy

Is a great way to have some fun introducing a new leader (or just get a Young Life leader from a neighboring club that no one knows). As the prize for one of your games, announce that the winner will get a free small pizza from . Have the new leader show up as the pizza guy. He can wear the hat and everything! After he brings in the pizza, he sits down by one of the kids. Nobody can get him to leave. Have him sing real bad, pick his nose, and even ask some of the kids about one of the female leaders he thinks is cute. Acting frustrated, ask him if he has pizza to deliver.

(You can take it as far as you want; one guy made it last three weeks. He can also come in and be completely into everything going on in club. Completely fooled the kids, and they loved it!)

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