Monday, August 30, 2010

You Got Me, Buddy Skit

toy gun (sub-machine gun is best); toy gun that shoots or a recording of gunfire music, strobe light (optional), gangster clothing, newspaper

Capone, Mugsy, Buddy

The concept we built up was that two people were sitting in a train (outside of Chicago in the Carpathian Mountains - facing each other in front of the audience). The train is moving and they are bouncing around. A third person enters the train and jumps out. He is somewhat behind the one passenger and facing the other.

The person says, "All right Capone, the gig is up. We’re tired of yer thievin’ cheatin’ ways! No more will you steal the canes from little old ladies and take the change out of pay toilets. The gig is up."

To which Capone can only reply, "All right Mugsy, give me your best shot!" At this moment, the gunfire erupts, the lights go off and the strobe light begins. Everyone is kind of moving around. When the gun-fire finishes, Capone says, "You got me buddy, You got me Pal, you got me Buddy!"

"Then why aincha dead yet?" queries Mugsy. "Because, you Buddy!" At this moment, the other passenger, sitting with his back to Mugsy and reading a newspaper the whole time, keels over.

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