Monday, August 2, 2010

Radio Jumble Skit

station signs

7 stations, sound effect

All seven persons (A,B,C,D,E,F, and G) and stations and simply stand in front of the audience and read the script below when their turn comes.

To introduce the skit, announce that this is what happened one day, when you were trying to find a radio station to listen to. Each of the readers can wear a sign with the name of a radio station on it.

Each "click" below indicates a station change. (The "clicks" can be inserted at the appropriate times by an offstage sound effects person.)

Station A: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is Seymour Skidmarks bringing you the latest news in the world of sports. The annual football game between _________ and __________ was played last week to the enjoyment of a large crowd who went wild at the crucial point during the game when Coach ________ sent in … (click)

Station B: …three eggs, a cup of buttermilk, and a pinch of salt. Stir well and pour into a flat greased pan or… (click)

Station C: …your new fall hat. This year, fashion decrees that women shall wear a large variety of charm bracelets. A most popular design is to make them of… (click)

Station D: …old whiskers? If you do, just shave them off with Bates’ Better Shaving Cream. Use this cream, and you will be so handsome that all the girls will… (click)

Station E: …bend over and touch the floor twenty times. This exercise is superb for general reducing. All right now, pupils, again let’s bend over, up, over… (click)

Station F: …(Singing) the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to … (click)

Station A: … ________ who sailed down the field for a touchdown that tied the game. What a play! What a perfect… (click)

Station C: …ly darling little summer bag that all you girls simply must have. At first glimpse they may remind one of… (click)

Station G: …a bowl of soup. But it was tooooo hot. The second bowl was as hot as the first, but the third was just right. Goldilocks ate, and ate, until she could… (click)

Station D: …feel the stiff beard with your hand. Does that appear to be very romantic? Our foolproof way to get a girl friend is to… (click)

Station E: …breathe deeply four times, and pound on your chest with the fists after inhaling each breath. This enlivens the tissues and makes one feel… (click)

Station B: …puffy and full of air. This effect can be had by beating the mixture with a rotary eggbeater for five… (click)

Station C: …hundred years. The things our grandmothers wore then are the most popular things today. Already fashion leaders, prominent society women are trying to bring back more old-fashioned manners. Their cry is "Bring back…" (click)

Station F: …(Singing) my Bonnie to me, bring back, bring back, oh bring back my Bonnie to me. Bring back, bring back … (click)

Station D: …a nice soft chin and a host of compliments. If you use our cream, those whiskers will come out with a … (click)

Station G: …CRASH!! Goldilocks had broken the little chair all to pieces. Then she jumped up and started up the stairs. There she saw three beds. The first bed was covered with a bearskin rug, which was too soft. The second bed was covered with… (click)

Station A: …what looked like crawling things from the press box, but it was only the players in hard scrimmage. We are looking with expectations to _______ winning their ________ championship this fall. The players are in good condition and average weight is… (click)

Station E: …110 pounds. You, too, can weigh this much if you but follow these simple exercises. Don’t take them too hard at first or you will probably have to… (click)

Station F: …(Singing) lay on a pillow. Last night as I lay on my bed; last night as I lay on my pillow, I dreamed that my Bonnie was… (click)

Station B: …cooking in a hot oven about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. For an extra treat, garnish, add cloves or whole… (click)

Station G: …bears? Will Goldilocks get home safely? How will the story end? Keep your radio tuned to this station until tomorrow at this time for the next episode of this thrilling story. Until then kiddies, be sweet and don’t forget too… (click)

Station D: …shave off the whiskers with Bates’. Our motto is… (click)

Station E: …stand on your head and wave your feet in the air. Gym clothes are best for this exercise, but… (click)

Station C: …on ostrich feather will do just as well. Take my tip and you girls will be as fashionable as… (click)

Station A: …________, to whom we are looking for great things this year. This is your friendly announcer, Seymour Skidmarks signing off and saying… (click)

Station C: …Night all!

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