Sunday, January 25, 2009

Candle Blowing Contest Game

2 candles, 2 cups of water, matches/lighters

Make two guys face each other at a table, each with a candle, a big cup of water and some lighters/matches. The object is to drink your entire cup of water, but you can only drink when your candle is lit. Can't use hands for anything other than drinking or lighting candle, so options are to drink, blow out opponent's candle or light yours.


  1. We did this game and learned that it's good to make a rule that you CANNOT pick up your candle. Kids chasing each other with lit candles makes leaders envision buildings burning to the ground.

  2. This game was so much fun! Try using a bottle of pop, it's harder to drink and funnier to spit out. If you use diet pop (no actual sugar), cleaning up is easy!


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