Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pin 'Em Mixer

4-5 clothes pins per student, strobe lights, room divider (net, sheet, etc.)

Hand out clothes pins. Explain that when the music begins, the object of the game is to get all clothes pins off of yourself and on to someone else. Turn off lights and on strobes and music, you may want to put girls on one side of the room and guys on the another (divide it with a volleyball net or something). Explain that when the lights come on, one or two folks should have about 100 pins on them - pull them up and parade the winner.

A key to this mixer is at the end you will not want them playing with the pins all night during the talk; so dress a tough kid or leader up in very protective gear (motorcycle helmet with face shield, chest protector, turtleneck, scarf, gloves, shin guards, thick pants, etc.); and put a bulls-eye on their chest. Tell everybody to grab all their clothes pins and bring in your human target and play music as they throw their pins at him. Students can't believe they are doing this, and when you stop the music, all the pins are gathered up at the front so they aren't throwing them at each other. Sweep them in a corner and go on with club!

A possible sell is someone in real wrestling singlet and headgear coming in to music, maybe dejected because he can't pin anybody - so you must find the easiest person to "pin!"

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