Saturday, January 31, 2009

Donut Olympics Club

donuts, string, toothpicks, masking tape, medals

Do the following events throughout club:
  • chocolate donut on a string - 3 teams of 2; one kid lays down the other dangles a donut on a string; race to see who can eat their donut first
  • the donut hole/munchkin toss into the mouth - 3 teams of 2, kids stand at least 7 feet apart and attempts to toss a donut hole/munchkin into the other's mouth
  • pass the donut with a toothpick - divide club into 2 teams; give each kid a toothpick; the must pass the donut all the way down their team using only the toothpick in their mouth
  • donut roll with the nose - 3 kids; mark out the starting line and finish line with masking tape; kids must move their donut to the finish line using only their noses
Award gold, silver, and bronze medals for each event.

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