Sunday, January 25, 2009

Peanut Butter Tissue Mixer

lots of peanut butter, plastic spoons, a box of kleenex

Have leaders go around and distribute to each kid a spoonful of PB and a tissue. Kids pair up, and face each other. Instruct them to put all of the PB on their tongue, as well as one of the corners of the kleenex on the tip of their tongue. On "go", the pair races to see who can get the entire kleenex in their mouth the fastest. They cannot use their hands or stuff the kleenex in their mouth, but rather must use their tongue to pull the kleenex in (in sort of a "lapping up milk" action). The winner of the pair competes against the winner of another pair, in tournament style, until only 1 pair is left for the championship round.

Watch out for peanut allergies. You may want to stay away from this mixer if you have any kids that have peanut allergies. Or use a substitute, like caramel.


  1. I would be very hesitant to do this one... Peanut allergies are ridiculously common and quite serious. That would be a real bummer for a kid to have to leave club just because peanut butter is in the room.

  2. Thanks for the word of caution Marcus. I'll make a note.

  3. You dont even have to use anything. Using simply a tissue is essentially the same. PB just makes it a little more challenging.


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