Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pull Up Club


Everyone sits and forms a circle facing the middle, except for five boys and five girls who start the game. (They are in the middle, standing.) At a whistle the 10 in the center run to the people sitting and "pull up" a person of the opposite sex by taking their hands and pulling them up. The first person takes their place on the ground. The second person then runs to the other side of the circle and does the same to someone else of the opposite sex and so on. This continues for one minute, the whistle blows, and everyone stops where they are. The boys and girls left standing are counted. If there are two more girls than boys, the boys get two points. The game continues this way. Every time a minute goes by, the whistle blows and those standing are counted. The idea is sort of a random "musical chairs," boys against the girls. The team with the least left standing each time wins.

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