Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Volleyball Club

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Here is a great new way to play the old game of volleyball. New Volleyball can be played on a regular volleyball court with the normal number of players on each team. A regular volleyball is used as well. The main difference is the scoring.

The object of the game is for a team to volley the ball as many times as possible without missing or fouling (up to 50 times) before hitting it back over the net to the opposing team, which will make every attempt to return it without missing. If they do miss, the opposite team receives as many points as they volleyed before returning it. All volleys must be counted audibly by the entire team (or by scorers on the sidelines), which aids in the scoring process and also helps build tension. So the idea is to volley the ball as many times as possible each time the ball comes over the net, then to safely return it and hope that the other team blows it.

Other rules are as follows:
No person may hit the ball two consecutive times. No two people may hit the ball back and forth to each other more than once in a succession to increase the number of volleys. In other words, Player A may hit it to player B, but Player B may not hit it back to Player A. Player A may hit it again once someone else has hit it besides Player B. Five points are awarded to the serving team if the opposing team fails to return a serve. Five points are awarded to the receiving team if a serve is missed (out of bounds, in the net, etc.). Players rotate on each serve, even if the serving team scores on successive serves. A game is 15 minutes. The highest score wins. All other volleyball rules are in effect.

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