Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trivia Blender Game

blender(s), cups, gross food, good food, trash bags (for the spitting)

Get 4 volunteers that are not grossed out easily (or, maybe those that are.)

Develop trivia questions ahead of time (we did about leaders, but you could do about their town, about history, about whatever you want really). Each kid has to answer a different question (so, if you want to have 3 questions each, you need to have 12 questions prepared) and for every question they get right, they get something delicious in their smoothie. For each question they get wrong, they get something disgusting. Once all questions are answered, they race to consume their smoothie first.

We did this at a western themed club, so we re-named the "gross" things as follows (just to give you a creative idea/jumping off point):

beef jerky (buffalo intestines)
baked beans (rat poop)
potato chips (dead skin)
mountain dew (horse urine)

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