Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Carol Contest Club

bookes of carols

Divide into teams and give each team a set of instructions. Send each team in different directions. The group completing the most items wins. Go to various houses and sing a different carol (only one) at each house. Get someone to put his or her initials on the list below next to the appropriate item. Do as many as possible in the 30-minute time limit:
  1. Sing all the verses of a carol in reverse order.
  2. Sing a carol while sitting cross-legged (Indian style) on the front porch.
  3. Sing a carol opera-style.
  4. Sing a carol to someone who is 5-years-old or younger.
  5. Form a human pyramid and then sing a carol.
  6. Sing a carol in someone's kitchen.
  7. Sing a carol to someone who is 60 years old or older.
  8. Sing a carol around someone's Christmas tree.
  9. Act out a carol while singing all the verses.

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