Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bob for Apples/Anything In Fish Tank Game

large fish tank, apples, ping-pong balls, golf balls

Pull up three guys and have a large fish tank (wider is better then deeper). Explain that it is time to play the age-old game "bobbing for apples Young Life style." Instead of just apples put in ping-pong balls, small apples, and golf balls. Explain that the ping pong balls are worth 1,000 points, the apples 2,000 points, and the golf ball 3,000 points (when it comes to points, "go big or stay home").

They will be blindfolded and have 30-60 seconds each to get as any points as possible. (They may go for it more if you put a $25 camp scholarship on the line.) the visual on this one is hysterical. If your tank is big enough you may even try two at a time. Maybe an old "Momma" character could sell this skit as a great "kiddies" game. the old traditional with a twist. think of unusual things to bob for (oranges, hot dogs, pickles, eggs, etc.).

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