Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Draw (Pictionary) Mixer

2 drawing pads, 2 markers, slips of paper

Divide into two team and have each team get as far away from each other as possible (opposite corners of the room). The leader is in the center of the room and holds two boxes containing about 10-20 words or phrases on little slips of paper.

When the game begins, one member from each team runs to the center, takes a slip of paper out of their team's box, reads it to themselves and gives it to the leader who discards it. The player then runs back to his/her team, picks up a drawing pad and a marking pen and tries to draw the word or phrase. No letters or words are allowed, only pictures. The team tries to guess the word or phrase. The artist may not speak until someone finally guesses correctly.

As soon as the word or phrase is guessed, the next player runs to the leader and draws another slip of paper. Play continues until one team finishes all drawings. The words or phrases should be the same for both teams. Also, it might be wise to have an adult referee with each team. In that case, each contestant should bring the sip of paper to his team referee so he know what the phrase is and can determine when it is guessed.

Have them draw with feet or mouth.

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