Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sit Down Mixer


Ask the entire group to stand. Instruct them to sit down when the statement characterizes them and remain seated. Encourage them to be as honest as possible. If you have trouble because most are not sitting down, give them general characteristics (sit down if you are under 15, if you have on white socks, if you are in love).

Number 1, sit down if:
  1. You haven't used deodorant in a week.. two days.
  2. You worn the same socks two days in a row.
  3. You sing in the shower.
  4. You drive a Volkswagon.
  5. Your belly button is an outie.
  6. You kiss with your eyes open.
  7. You went to the drive-in/theater but didn't see the movie.
  8. You haven't taken a shower in a week.
  9. You kiss sloppy.
  10. You didn't use mouthwash today.
  11. You are a girl and you didn't shave your legs today.
  12. You are a guy and you didn't shave your legs today.
  13. You are ugly.
Number 2, sit down if:
  1. Your nose is crooked.
  2. You believe each person should pay for themselves on the first date.
  3. You are mad at your girlfriend or boyfriend now.
  4. You still suck your thumb.
  5. Your socks don't match.
  6. You are ticklish.
  7. You wear kids pajamas.
  8. You walk funny.
  9. You weigh less than 100 pounds.
  10. Your nose is running and you don't have a handkerchief.
  11. You're going steady but you wish you weren't.
  12. You are good-looking but not conceited.
Number 3, sit down if:
  1. You have ever two-timed your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  2. You have ever eaten snails.
  3. You are cross-eyed.
  4. Your mother still dresses you.
  5. You use Ban deodorant.
  6. You have never lied to your mother.
  7. The person in front of you smells.
  8. You have a hole in your sock.
  9. Your zipper is open.
  10. You got a traffic ticket lately.
  11. You are on a diet.
  12. You aren't on a diet but you should be.
  13. You aren't on a diet but the person next to you should be.
  14. You have never stolen a street marker.
  15. You have a false tooth.
  16. You are really good looking.
  17. Stand up if the person next to you just sat down and was wrong.

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